Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleepy Time

1/17/12     Whenever I finish up my 3-year-old’s nighttime routine by singing him bedtime songs, I always ended up putting myself to sleep much sooner than him. If he doesn’t ask for the Harry Chapin songs Circle or Cat’s In The Cradle (which he calls Man in the Moon) Jonas will ask me to make up songs about “all the guys” doing something out of his normal, daily routines. This means taking the most popular Marvel and D.C. superheroes and singing about what it would be like if they were at his Auntie’s house or playing with his Grammy and her dog.
     Maybe it’s because of the added creativity and brain exertion that goes into these impromptu songs that they always seem to make me the most sleepy of all. I actually fell asleep momentarily while making up his final song about Green Lantern playing hide and seek with him and his cousin until I was tapped on the shoulder and opened my eyes to, “Daddy? You awake?”
     I quickly finished up the song, gave my goodnight kisses bedside as well as the “blow kisses” he insists upon for him and his stuffed animals from his doorway, then ambled down the stairs to stretch out on the couch for an hour before my evening run. Well, my drowsiness continued for the next 45 minutes and I didn’t come back to life as I usually do. Since I only had 6 miles on tap, I decided to listen to my very tired body and move my sleep session from the couch to my bed. I figured I could squeeze in 2 runs the next day when I would be more rested.

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